Student Opportunity Act

Our collective power and advocacy efforts allowed us to win the Student Opportunity Act to increase the funding for k-12 by $1.5 billion over inflation by 2027. Now, we must contact our legislators to ensure these funds are distributed and used appropriately.




Supporting the Bill of Education

CPLAN members supporting Senator Chang-Diaz s223 an act to modernize the foundation review budget to ensure the needs of today’s most vulnerable learners are front and center. This bill focuses on securing additional funding to support English-language learners and students with special needs. The Senator’s bill focuses on what truly matters most which is the needs of our students.
During the Question 2 Ballot debate,
PLAN  hosted a lively dialogue bringing together families from across sectors to ensure no matter what happens post the election that we would remain committed to working collaboratively to impact system change.

Building Capacity and leadership:

This winter- like-minded individuals gathered for a day of personal reflection and professional development to inform, influence and inspire new policies and practices! to impact our most vulnerable learners. Students, parents, educators, policy makers, community leaders from across sectors joined forces to explore system change.

CPLAN  hosted our Spring quarterly convening bringing parents, educators, students and providers together to explore how collectively we can inform and influence policies to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable learners. What a treat it was to partner with I Have A Future youth group who led adults in an action planning session. They did A great job. Izzy Sandiego also got us opened and some even cried as she helped us understand our growth. Extremely grateful to Educators for Excellence for sharing their wisdom. We appreciate their partnership and support. A special shout out to our partner #Family matters and CPLAN leadership Karla Walker for helping others understand the importance of supporting families of the incarcerated.#dorchestercarescoalition in full affect.

CPLAN  partnered with the Suffolk County Sherriff’s Department Family Matters Director and our executive leadership team leader Karla Walker to facilitate our Community Centered Approach to Systems Change at the 11th annual  Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color gathering.. Using the #Family matters prevention model we discuss how engage communities most impacted to inform and influence systems change!