The Challenge

In today’s educational system, diverse learners with social/emotional needs, especially those impacted by trauma from immigration, incarceration and violence, typically do not have access to equitable educational outcomes.

Many educators and administrators are not proficient in understanding, supporting, and engaging families-particularly those traditionally left behind.

Although many schools and districts have worked to improve family-school relationships, many parents feel they do not have the ability, expertise, or authority to advocate for equitable educational outcomes for their children, or to question practices and policies.

The Solution

Student-centered and parent-driven, CPLAN seeks to transcend divisions: We hold district, charter, parochial, and Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) systems accountable to ensure equitable educational outcomes.

The Work

The Work


The Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center conducts an annual needs assessment of families and educators related to family engagement to learn more about the relationships that schools and families have with one another. 

Family Engagement

We want to hear from you!

Are you the parent or guardian of a child currently attending school in MA? We want to hear about your experiences related to how schools and families interact and support one another.
How does your child’s school keep you informed? How are families involved at the school?
What improvements do you want to see?
The Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center (MA SFEC) is conducting a survey to learn more about the relationships that schools and families have with one another. This survey asks about your experiences and will inform efforts to help promote and increase family engagement with schools. Your answers will be kept confidential by the MA SFEC team; no
school or district personnel will see your responses. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.
If your child or youth attends a Massachusetts school in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, please complete this online survey to help us learn about your experiences.


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¡Queremos escuchar de usted!

¿Es usted el padre o tutor de un niño matriculado en una escuela de Massachusetts actualmente? El Centro de participación familiar de Massachusetts están realizando una encuesta para aprender más sobre las relaciones entre nuestras escuelas y las familias.
¡Una su voz! Complete nuestra encuesta de 10 minutos hoy:

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