Our Team

Leading with lived experience, CPLAN leaders reflect the community they aim to serve. These parents of color are a product of the public school system and currently have children attending different sectors.

Our team brings diversity of thought, socio-economic status, culture and educational experiences to deliver a holistic perspective to the work. 


Ivelisse Caraballo

Executive Director

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Ivelisse was a founding member of CPLAN and now serves as our Executive Director. She is extremely passionate about achieving racial equity in education and creating spaces to educate and empower families to take control of their child's educational experience. Her professional experience encompasses corporate, private, non-profit and academic sectors. Click to read more about Ivelisse's story and how she began her journey in educational advocacy!

Community Organizers


Elsa Flores

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English Language Learner's Coordinator & Community Organizer


Fabienne Eliacin

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Special Education Advocate,

Decoding Dyslexia Specialist & Community Organizer


Griselda Polanco

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Santiago Rivera

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Bilingual community organizer with experience working in progressive local, state and national campaigns with a commitment to social, racial and economic justice and the power of grassroots community organizing to achieve it.

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Dr. Gayl Crump-Swaby

(Founding Member)

Director of Reshaping Mental Community Wellness

Cultural Responsive and Social Emotional Pedagogy Specialist

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Content Experts


Youth Engagement Specialist

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Marketing Coordinator

& Specialist

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Health Equity Advocate

Advisory Board


Founder & Advisory Board Chair

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Mental Health Advocate