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Elsa Flores

A traves de CPLAN he tenido la oportunidad de crecimiento personal, profesional y de trabajo. También involucrar a otros padres Latinos para defender los derechos de las familias y sus hijos estudiantes del sistema escolar de Boston.

~Elsa Flores


CPLAN is giving me the chance to cheer in good times, scream my frustration when things don't work, while also providing a space to celebrate our victories - We are a family and we support each other no matter what.

~Fabienne Eliacin


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Ivelisse Caraballo

Before CPLAN, I was merely a concerned parent that did my best to find my children an equitable, high quality educational experience that would ensure a successful outcome regardless of what they wanted after graduation.  After several years of battling, I was able to organize with other parents that wanted the same for their children and FINALLY our voices were heard. We partnered with the district and worked collaboratively with school administrators to address our collective concerns. Through CPLAN I have been able to grow personally and professionally which led me to become the Executive Director of the organization. I now do my best to create a pathway for other parents to do the same.  

~Ivelisse Caraballo


My time spent as a CPLAN leader has not only allowed me to advocate for students and their families as stakeholders and educational partners in K-12 education, it has provided me with access and opportunities to become further educated myself. There have been informative experiences from in person workshops and community awareness, real time webinar presentations, and collaborative preparation, agenda making and community interactions that have provided me with greater understanding and scope about what the needs and wants are for actionable improvements within my school district and on statewide issues.


Education is a field that is dynamic and changing. But, there is also a conflicting status quo mindset as you move up within the stakeholder reigns that leads to reluctance and resistance to continuous growth and improvements where it concerns the people who matter the most, the students who attend the K-12 institutions across class and demographics and their often underrepresented and underutilized families. CPLAN'S work and my work with CPLAN is pivotal to addressing this most important population in the educational field.


~ Magalie A. Pinney 

Maggie A. Pinney

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