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Navigating the education system
Workshop Series

Step into your power and become your child’s best advocate to set them up for success!

Translations are available in all workshops

CPLAN engages parents with a capacity building model to address educational inequities and social needs to ensure a high quality, whole child educational experience for all learners. Our workshop series centers family engagement and building parent leaders. We strive to create thriving self-reliant parent advocates by building on their confidence and capacity through training, coaching, and community building.

Our Parent Leadership training series is designed as a peer leadership model for parents to train one another, share knowledge and experiences, and help one another develop their communication and community organizing skills. Our training focuses on building knowledge of parent advocacy, shaping and sustaining parent councils, engaging community leaders and other key stakeholders, partnering with school administrators to inform or co-design school policies and practices.

Creating an Equitable and Inclusive Education

A workshop offering ideas on how we can create and advocate for an equitable and inclusive climate to ensure our children have fulfilling educational experiences. The deep understanding of this practice guarantees a school environment that is conducive to reaching academic success while maintaining social and emotional wellness.


Inequities in Education

An interactive workshop on what equity is, what inequities are in education and the impact it has on our children’s academic performance and social, emotional well-being, and how we can advocate to achieve an equitable and inclusive education.

Navigating Technology

 in partnership with Boston Public & Brockton Public Schools

A workshop helping families navigate the technical component of education such as email account/ accessing and  communicating with teachers, navigating and understanding the parent portal (ASPEN), understanding the report card, or how to find information on school websites.


Mental Wellness

Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby of New Generation Consultants & Associates offers a workforce development program pilot that trains individuals on how to have mental wellness discussion by pouring into this combined  curriculum on the teachings of mental wellness, clinical mental health, mindfulness, embodiment, and racial healing/decolonization that replicates their respective holistic approaches to mental wellness and dialogue.

Special Education for Beginners

Presentations given in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, & Portuguese

In partnership with the Federation for Children with Special Needs, this interactive workshop is for families that are new to Special Education about their rights, how to organize  Special Ed. documents including the information that should be collected and learn the most commonly used terms to help them start this journey with knowledge, confidence, and empowerment.


Special Education for Experienced Families

This session is held in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, & Portuguese

In partnership with The Federation for Children with Special Needs, this workshop is for parents who already know the basics and have some experience in navigating the Special  Education system, but have very unique needs, questions or concerns. This is a Q&A Session with a to take a  deeper dive into Special Education scenarios helping parents learn what options and resources are available to  them to better support their children.

Special Education for the Transitional Period

Presentations given in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, & Portuguese

In partnership with The Federation for Children with Special Needs, this presentation takes parents through the transitional period of students with special needs and how to prepare for post-graduation, college, employment, and independent living.


Leading from Decision Making Tables

This workshop is designed to share advocacy strategies with families to build strong, effective, parent-driven and student-focused parent councils working in collaboration with schools to achieve equity in education.


Our goal is to work with parents’ skills, experience, and comfort level to increase education advocacy on local, districtwide, and statewide levels, including legislative bills. 

School Culture and Climate

A workshop designed to help families comprehend the concept and impact of school culture and climate to advocate how to build a positive school community that fosters healthy student/teacher relationships, restorative justice practices for all students.


Parent Rights in Education
in partnership with the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts

CPLAN has partnered with the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts, a subsidiary of South Coastal Counties Legal Services, to keep families informed about their rights in education. The Justice Center also offers families legal services and referrals, as needed.

Navigating the College Enrollment Process
in partnership with College Possible LLC

College Counselor, Cicily Shaw, gives step-by-step guidance through the college enrollment process to help students and families make the best decision for them.

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