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Amplifying Parents as Partners
Achieve Equitable Education, Policies & Practices






The Challenge

In today’s educational system, diverse learners with social/emotional needs, especially those impacted by trauma from immigration, incarceration and violence, typically do not have access to equitable educational outcomes.

Many educators and administrators are not proficient in understanding, supporting, and engaging families-particularly those traditionally left behind.

Although many schools and districts have worked to improve family-school relationships, many parents feel they do not have the ability, expertise, or authority to advocate for equitable educational outcomes for their children, or to question practices and policies.

The Solution

Student-centered and parent-driven, CPLAN seeks to transcend divisions: We hold district, charter, parochial, and Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) systems accountable to ensure equitable educational outcomes.

The Work


CPLAN is working to change this by bridging gaps to shift how teachers, policymakers and administrators engage students and families. CPLAN creates opportunities for parents to step into their power, to put all students on a path toward lifetime success.



CPLAN seeks to inspire progress toward better solutions, and inform stakeholders through training and information sharing, so they can influence others to create positive change.

The Work


CPLAN’s model is parent & educators as partners. This is built upon a foundation of active leadership roles for parents, and ensures that all members have a shared voice in decision making.


 CPLAN members attend retreats and  events regularly to support each other, and exchange wisdom and resources. They also create affinity groups- self-directed efforts incubated by CPLAN to develop parent voice and leadership around issues like social and emotional learning.

Dyslexia Awareness Month

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Director of the Learning Pod 
Sharita Fauche

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