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Our Team

Leading with lived experience, CPLAN leaders reflect the community they aim to serve. These parents of color are a product of the public school system and currently have children attending different sectors.

Our team brings diversity of thought, socio-economic status, culture and educational experiences to deliver a holistic perspective to the work. 

Ivelisse Caraballo

Executive Director

Ivelisse was a founding member of CPLAN and now serves as our Executive Director. She is extremely passionate about achieving racial equity in education and creating spaces to educate and empower families to take control of their child's educational experience. Her professional experience encompasses corporate, private, non-profit and academic sectors. Read more about Ivelisse's story and how she began her journey in educational advocacy!

Elsa Flores

Elsa Flores

Education Equity Advocate

Committed teacher with 11 years of teaching experience in El Salvador and nineteen years working with families and children in the Boston community, especially around supporting the immigrant population.

Samantha Mariano

Samantha Mariano

Assistant Project Manager

Passionate advocate for mental health and human rights. Fueled by the inequities she witnessed in the mental health care and education systems, she has been committed to pushing for more thoughtful and intentional solutions, with the input of the community that is affected.

Griselda Polanco

Griselda Polanco

Education Equity Advocate

Community activist who understand that the power of parents is not only in educating their children but also in educating themselves, only then can we fight for a better education for our children.

Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby

Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby

Director of Reshaping Mental Community Wellness

An author, speaker, publisher, mental wellness coach, and licensed mental health professional.

Santiago Rivera

Santiago Rivera

Education Equity Advocate

Bilingual community organizer with experience working in progressive local, state and national campaigns with a commitment to social, racial and economic justice and the power of grassroots community organizing to achieve it.

Community Ethics Committee

These members of our Community Ethics Committee have been instrumental in shaping CPLAN's mission and vision. As our organization grows, these powerful women continue to advise best practices.

Julia Mejia

Founder; Boston City Councilor

Daysa Santana

Youth Engagement Specialist

Kawanda Boyd

Parent leader, Parent Council Chair for METCO Swampscott

Fabienne Eliacin

Special Education Advocate, Decoding Dyslexia Specialist

Karla Walker

Health Equity Advocate

Tayla Andre

Marketing Specialist, Real Estate, Financial Educator, Radio Personality

Board of Directors

Our diverse and experienced board of directors provides invaluable insights, strategic direction, and support to CPLAN's initiatives. While it doesn't have governing authority, it holds us accountable and helps in program development, fundraising strategies, and organizational growth. They ensure CPLAN provides transparent, equitable, and quality services to our families, while maintaining the organization’s fiscal health.

Cameron Smith

Student at Clark University

Laurie Jo Wallace

Managing Director, Health Resources in Action

Aminah Pilgrim

Cofounder of Sabura Youth Program, UMASS Boston Professor

Gayl Crump Swaby

Director of Mental Wellness

Steve Ridini

President of Health Resources in Action

Donkor Minors

Educator, Entrepreneur

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