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About Us
Excited Children in Science Class

Our Mission

Harnessing the voices of those most impacted. CPLAN strives to define what a quality “whole child” education looks like for students. We work with policymakers, educators and community leaders to shape and achieve transformational and systemic change.

Children in Science Class

Our Belief

CPLAN believes that all public school students deserve equitable access to high quality school choices, regardless of income, zip code, race, or ethnicity. CPLAN believes change is possible if parents and students are supported and empowered to lead.

Our Model

CPLAN 's model is parents & educators as partners. This is built upon a foundation of active leadership roles for parents, and ensures that all members have a shared voice in decision making.

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Our Standards

Our Standars

Schools meet the academic needs of all students.

  • English Learners and

       Students with disabilities

  • Students are on a path for college and career readiness.

  • Teacher/Family relationships

  • Culturally responsive curriculum.

Schools meet the

non-academic needs of all students.

  • Trauma-informed education and services.

  • Social-emotional growth.

  • Community partners.

  • Prepared to graduate

  • Effective communication

  • Culturally responsive in anticipating and meeting the non-academic needs of students.

Schools maintain a culture of intentional family and community engagement.

  • Active and functional School Site Parent Councils.

  • Family participation in implementing policy changes.

  • Community stakeholders to improve school programming.

  • Engaging with families and community partners.

Schools maintain a student-centered school climate.

  • School discipline is appropriate and focused on student needs.

  • Schools have measures in place to address chronic absenteeism.

  • School curricula meet the needs of the whole child, including arts and physical education.

  • Schools keep students and best outcomes for students at the center of family communication.

  • Schools maintain a culturally responsive school climate.

Our Values

Build Relationship

Relationships are essential: CPLAN facilitates authentic, powerful, and mutually-beneficial relationship-building between CPLAN parents and students and state and local education decision-makers. CPLAN members leverage those relationships to advance issues of importance to them, whether on education or some other community issue, while decision-makers benefit from direct access to engaged constituents who provide invaluable input and support for advancing high quality education.

Create Leaders

Parents and students are leaders: CPLAN provides opportunities, guidance, and the support that parents and students need to use their voices and power as leaders in their communities, including professional development and skill-building. Professional development of the CPLAN parents and students has consistently been a priority since CPLAN’s inception so that parents themselves authentically co-lead CPLAN. Staff members work individually with CPLAN leaders to develop personal development plans and provide training sessions and mentoring opportunities.

Empower Voices

Empowered voices make change: CPLAN encourages, supports, and empowers CPLAN parents and students to tell their own stories and speak truth to power to advance a shared, specific set of goals and objectives. CPLAN’s success is dependent upon empowering parents and students to be the voices of change and then working together around a shared agenda. CPLAN members are concerned about a wide array of educational issues in their schools, and CPLAN staff work with parents and students to develop a consensus agenda annually to guide the work for the coming year.

Our Values

Our Success

Our Success


Stakeholders in Education

CPLAN events have reached over 2,000 parents, educators, students, providers and community leaders since our founding.

60 Parent Leaders

CPLAN has a core of 60 parent leaders, of which 12 serve as part of the leadership committee while others are at various stages of their personal leadership development journey.


& Cherish

Act, and Dyslexia Bill

CPLAN  members attended the State House to work with legislators in support of the Promise and Cherish Act along with the Dyslexia bill.

Representatives as Board of Directors

There are 4 parent leaders who currently serve on the Board of Directors at their respective schools, 1 who is currently enrolled in the Emerge Program.

 5 Members in Statewide Boards

5 CPLAN Members have been appointed to Statewide Boards by DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).

40+Parent Councils

40 core members of CPLAN are active members of their parent school councils.

3 Affinity Groups

3 CPLAN Leaders have started their very own Affinity groups.

  • Decoding Dyslexia

  • Autism Sprinter

  • English Language Learners

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