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CPLAN hosts free workshops throughout the year to help parents learn about navigating the school system, standing up for their children’s rights, and how to build effective partnerships with teachers and school administrators to ensure their children and all students are set up for academic success. Our Parent Leadership training series is designed as a peer leadership model for parents to train one another, share knowledge and experiences, and help one another develop their communication and community organizing skills.


We strive to create thriving self-reliant parent advocates by building on their confidence and capacity through training, coaching, and community building.

Student and Parent Discipline Rights

Understand your rights & your child's in the education system and how to protect them.

Inequities in Education

Understand how inequity shows up in schools and the impact it has on our children’s academic, social, & emotional well-being.

Supporting a Child's Educational Journey

This workshop invites parents, caregivers, family and community members to learn how to use their expertise to support a child's educational journey.

Special Education Q & A

Informal Q & A session for families that have experience with the special education system and have specific questions.

Leading From Decision Making Boards and Councils

Learn about advocacy strategies and how to partner with the school to build effective, parent-driven and student focused parent councils.

Reshaping Community Wellness

A holistic approach to mental wellness and how to facilitate community dialogues about mental health.

Navigating the Parent Portal

Learn about accessing information on the parent portal (Infinite Campus), understanding the report card and templates for emailing teachers.

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Educational Experience

Explore how we can advocate for an inclusive school climate, to ensure all students feel welcome and are set up for academic success.

Special Education for Beginners

Learn the basics of special education and how to advocate for the services your child is entitled to.

Special Education for the Transitional Period

Navigating post-graduation, employment, & independent living.

The College Enrollment Process

Step by step guide on the college enrollment process and what to expect when applying.

Mar 21, 5:30 PM
Virtual Workshop Series

Interested in bringing a workshop to your community or school district? Submit a request now!

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