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Together, we can create a brighter future for all students.

As parents, we all want the best for our children, including a quality education that sets them up for success.


Unfortunately, the education system is not always fair and equitable, with some children having more access to resources and opportunities than others. This affects everyone, as it limits our children's potential and can lead to negative outcomes like lower graduation rates and fewer career opportunities.

That's where CPLAN comes in.

CPLAN (Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network) is an organization of parents, led by parents of color, who are working to create a more equitable education system. Founded in 2016 in Boston by a group of parents who wanted to make a change, CPLAN has grown to a statewide coalition of over 1,000 educational stakeholders, including parents, educators, administrators, and policy makers. Our goal is to empower parents to become leaders in education advocacy and work towards creating policies and practices that are more equitable for all children.

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Our Model


CPLAN informs families about educational issues and the importance of advocacy for equitable education. We offer workshops on inequities in education, school culture impacts, and support for their child's educational journey.


We inform schools about the impact of marginalization on students and families and collaborate with them to develop culturally sensitive and equitable practices, including with hiring. We also provide workshops on equitable family engagement.


CPLAN holds focus groups, community conversations, forums, and events to inform legislators about issues the community is facing and gather input on education matters.


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Clean Water Access

  1. Tell your child not to drink water from the sinks.

  2. Please encourage your school principal to have signs changed to be more inclusive and child- friendly.

Elected School Committee in Boston

  1. Use the Action Network campaign tool to send Mayor Wu an email that you want an elected Boston School Committee!

  2. Call the mayor's office and leave your message to support democratic governance in Boston Public Schools: 617-635-4500

Free School Meals

Massachusetts has approved permanent FREE School meals!!!

Strengthening your Mental Wellness

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it's crucial that we take care of both.

Check out our mental wellness resources!

Interview with Brockton Superintendent

CPLAN Executive Director, Ivelisse Caraballo, interviews Brockton Superintendent, Michael Thomas, about creating a more equitable school culture and climate for all students to thrive.


Upcoming Workshops

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Smiling Teacher meets with parents during a conference

What Our Members Say

"At my kids’ IEP meeting, I felt like I was on the same level as them for the first time and that’s because of CPLAN."

Mother | Parent Advisory Council Member


Brockton Public Schools

Information about Brockton Public Schools and where to find the resources you need.

Boston Public Schools

Information about Boston Public Schools and where to find the resources you need.

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