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Fists in Solidarity


CPLAN is a parent- led advocacy organization that seeks to inform, inspire, and empower parents to advocate for more equitable educations for their children. 

Parents as Partners

CPLAN was founded in 2016 by a group of mothers that took a stand for their children’s education. They realized that in order to make an impact, they needed to work together and collectively push back against the education system. Because at the end of the day, many voices are stronger than one.


We believe that parents, community members, and school staff need to work together to create necessary and sustainable change in the education system. We know that if given the proper resources, training, and support, all parents and community members can be a part of this change. Which is why CPLAN strives to create opportunities for parents to step into their power and put their students on a path toward lifetime success.

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Our Work


Share the impact of equitable education with policy makers and school administration to hold district, charter, parochial, and Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) systems accountable


Parents to take a leadership role in their child's education


CPLAN's model is parents and educators as partners. This is built on a foundation of active leadership roles for parents, and ensures that all members have a shared voice in decision making.


Explore our templates and sample emails for requesting evaluations, parent- teacher conference checklists and more, to help you advocate for your child's educational needs.

A business meeting

What Our Members Say

"At my kids’ IEP meeting, I felt like I was on the same level as them for the first time and that’s because of CPLAN."

Mother | Parent Advisory Council Member

Upcoming Events

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Brockton Public Schools

Information about Brockton Public Schools and where to find the resources you need.

Boston Public Schools

Information about Boston Public Schools and where to find the resources you need.

Our Response to COVID-19

CPLAN is dedicated to enriching the lives of community members in underserved, communities of color. As a response to COVID-19, we worked extra hard in order to meet the essential needs of families. We believe in a whole-child educational experience. In order for our children to achieve self-actualization we must first ensure we meet their psychological, social, health and safety needs.

There are a variety of  resources available for families, and we’re happy to have centralized them by category for your convenience. We hope that you find them helpful!

Bag of Groceries

 Bodega Project 

The CPLAN Bodega Project was created to provide access to culturally responsive food in Boston & Brockton's diverse communities, while also supporting their small local businesses. Selected families receive a CPLAN food voucher to purchase food and/or other essential items such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, medicine, from a local participating Bodega (grocery store) in their neighborhood. 


So far this funding has helped over 600 families (and counting) shop with dignity in a local, familiar grocery store for fresh food!

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