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School Climate & Culture

Panelist discussion on racial equity in education.

Re-Designig School Cuture

CPLAN partnered with The Trotter Institute to bring you “Redesigning our School Culture: Understanding The Kids We Teach”. This event brought parents, students, educators, policy-makers and leaders from cross sectors and experiences to share their collective wisdom and best practices to impact our most vulnerable students.

Our debut launched on May 12, 2016 to dive deeper into the topic of Cultural Competency and the impact it has in our classrooms. This dialogue shared the importance of valuing and understanding our student’s culture/out of school life to sharing the impact of cultural competence and/or lack thereof in our classrooms. We explored topics that helped inform conversations which are student centered, community driven and culturally conducive for today’s generation of learners.

Featured panelists:

Ron Walker – Founder/Executive Director of Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color

Dr. Colin Rose - Assistant Superintendent of Opportunity and Achievement Gap BPS District

Karmala Sherwood - Executive Director of Davis Leadership Charter Sector

Julio Cesar Roman - Administrator, Youth Development, Policy and Programming Specialist, at Boston Day and Evening Academy.

Trauma Sensitive Classrooms

healing the village.jpg

Trauma in the Village

On Friday, December 9, 2016 COSEBOC and CPLAN hosted a Regional Gathering in Boston, MA to focus on "Trauma in the Village." This special workshop provided participants with a powerful framework for re-shaping the culture, practices, and policies of their organization to ensure that it is sensitive to the experiences and needs of the traumatized individuals, families, and communities that they serve. 


Healing in the Village

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, COSEBOC and CPLAN hosted a day long Gathering in Boston MA for Parents and Families for "Healing in the Village." This special gathering provided a safe space for Parents to share, converse, strategize and render solutions that will aid in the healing process.

Trauma in the Village
Healin in the Village

School to Prison Pipeline


Know your Rights
CPLAN is proud to support and partner with Mass. Black Lawyers Association for their 3rd annual KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Youth Forum. It was great to hear lawyers and students exploring the school to prison pipeline and the importance of creating school cultural and climate to better serve the needs of students. Disheartened by the fact that jail cells are determined by the number of 3rd grade students not reading at grade level. Hosted by #MBLA and led by Sheriece M. Perry this event brought all the right people to the table. #breakthepipeline  We look forward to our continued partnership.

Policy Development Session

CPLAN was also invited to lead the Suffolk County Sheriff Department Community Consortium on a policy development session. Members from across Federal, State and City agencies and stakeholders worked across agencies to redesign practices, policies and programs to improve the quality of care for families of the incarcerated. Congrats to Karla Walker for bringing all the right voices to the table. CPLAN is grateful to be a part of such strong community and we look forward to building alongside those committed to meaningful, transformational and systemic change. #ALLMEANSALL


All in One


This was a 4 hour event with presentations by content experts to educate Brockton families on the challenges our children face throughout their educational career while also providing resources that support their advocacy efforts.

For all South Shore Families


  • School Discipline and how it contributes to the School to Prison Pipeline

  • Trauma: How it shows up in the classroom (behaviors, patterns and impact) and how we can advocate for trauma informed classrooms.

  • Introduction to Gifted Education and the potential Special Education overlap.

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