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Brockton Chapter

CPLAN originally started in Boston. However, in 2018, when one of our parent leaders was displaced out of Boston due to rising housing costs, she was forced to relocate to Brockton.

Thanks to Brockton's welcoming community and school staff, she created the Brockton Chapter, which has been growing ever since!

Parent Advisory Council

Image by Antonio Janeski

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council is for parents and community members to work in solidarity with the Brockton Public School administration to reach the common goal of improving student’s educational experience to support academic success, while meeting their social and emotional needs. This work includes parents co-designing systems through decision making, developing equitable policies & practices.

Brockton Community &
Family Center

The mission of the Brockton Community and Family Center (BCFC) is to provide a safe, welcoming facility and resources to enable Brockton area families to gather together, and service providers to offer free recreational, social and cultural programming that will complement and enhance the educational and life experiences of children throughout our diverse community, with family encouragement and involvement, particularly in the areas of education, empowerment, performing arts, athletics, and health and safety.


In conjunction with and with assistance from the Brockton Public Schools (BPS) office of the Superintendent, the Brockton Community and Family Center (BCFC) vision and goals are stated more specifically in the Sections that follow.

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Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center
Brockton Sub-Committee

Overarching Goal: Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center (MASFEC) promotes comprehensive, long lasting family engagement strategies that build family, schools and community organization's  ability  to support student success.

MASFEC Brockton sub-committee programs and activities engages families, districts, schools and community organizations working to build meaningful partnerships. 

Our purpose is to use our collective power aiming to increase parent engagement working in the spirit of improving the educational experience for all students.

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