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Our Work

While the majority of  CPLAN's work focuses on family engagement and building parent leaders, we also take on projects that help address some of the barriers and outside influences that negatively impact students and families.

Services & Advocacy

Education Advocacy

  • Advocate from decision making bodies (School Site Councils, district wide Parent Advisory Councils, and DESE boards)

  • Offer workshops to families & schools

  • Partner with schools to co-design programs, activities, and other matters regarding school culture and climate

Family Engagement

  • Create a pathway for families to engage with schools in a meaningful way that centers student success.

  • Create and coach parent leaders in education advocacy.

  • Offer Culturally Sensitive and Equitable Family Engagement workshop to educators.

Resource Hub

  • Connect families to educational resources that supports their child's educational experience.

  • Maintain a directory of resources internally and on our website and internally to connect families experiencing housing, financial, and food insecurities with resources available to them.

Happy Children

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Education

CPLAN is committed to achieving equity in education. We have developed an easy to follow  workshop for families and school community members to understand the inequities student’s face and the impact it has. This workshop breaks down the data of inequitable policies and practices that limit their child’s educational achievement and their social emotional well-being. During this presentation, you will see the role that we each play in these issues and the responsibility we each have for our participation towards the solution. 

The intended take a ways are:

  • Distinguishing the difference between Equity & Equality

  • Local vs Systemic inequities and barriers

  • Marginalization and its impact on students (both, short-term and long term)

  • Redesigning and advocating for equitable education

  • Developing culturally responsive knowledge and language that informs and strengthens our advocacy for all students 

  • Solutions through various levels of advocacy such as Parent Councils and civic engagement


CPLAN's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) workshop provokes self-reflection, critical and innovative thinking to reconsider policies and practices that limit student’s educational achievement and their potential for success both, short and long term. During this presentation, school community members will see the urgency to produce an impactful educational experience for all students with intentional and meaningful school partnerships.

Interview with Brockton Superintendent - Michael Thomas

Community Conversations

CPLAN is often invited to facilitate conversations between leaders or administrators in education and community members. Most recently, our Executive Director, Ivelisse Caraballo, interview the Superintendent of Brockton Public Schools- Michael Thomas. They discussed the importance of a healthy school culture and climate, strategies for effectively communicating with families, and how we can work together to create a school system that works for everyone. 

Click to watch the interview.

A Supportive Hug

Founding Member and CPLAN leader, Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby of New Generation Consultants & Associates offers a workforce development program pilot that will train individuals on how to have mental wellness discussions.  Gayl is pouring into this combined curriculum the teachings on mental wellness, clinical mental health, mindfulness, embodiment, and racial healing/decolonization that replicates their respective holistic approaches to mental wellness and dialogue facilitation. 


Objectives: Participants will address these key areas in the training - 

  • Barriers of addressing mental wellness  

  • Emotional intelligence – leading with empathy 

  • Feelings and emotions 

  • Communications 

  • Activated triggers & traumas

  • Decolonization and racial trauma 

  • Determining when to send referrals throughout the topics (identifying line of demarcation/scope of practice)  

Homework Help

Education Equity for Marginalized Families

CPLAN is committed to amplifying the voices of those often marginalized. There is a series of events for Spanish Speaking families hosted entirely in Spanish, to teach parents/caregivers how to navigate the education system in various capacities such as:

  • Accessing and navigating the parent portal

  • Understanding their child's report card

  • Identifying the inequities in education and learning how to advocate for equity in education.

  • Special Education series for beginners, experienced families and those with students in the transitional period.

  • How to have productive and effective parent councils in parnership with schools and much more.

Our Success

78% Boston voters voted YES

for Elected School Commiittee

In partnership with the Boston Coalition for Education Equity, we achieved a significant milestone by garnering the support of 78% of Boston voters in favor of an elected school committee. Although this outcome holds no legal obligation, it does authentically reflect the sentiment of the Boston electorate.

Brockton Community & Family Center

Collaborating with fellow organizations and community leaders, our CPLAN Brockton chapter successfully inaugurated the Brockton Community & Family Center, made possible through sponsorship by the Brockton Public Schools.


Stakeholders in Education

CPLAN events have reached over 2,000 parents, educators, students, providers and community leaders since our founding.

60 Parent Leaders

CPLAN has a core of 60 parent leaders, of which 12 serve as part of the leadership committee while others are at various stages of their personal leadership development journey.

Representatives as Board of Directors

There are 4 parent leaders who currently serve on the Board of Directors at their respective schools, 1 who is currently enrolled in the Emerge Program.

 5 Members in Statewide Boards

5 CPLAN Members have been appointed to Statewide Boards by DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).

30+Parent Councils

CPLAN members are active in their school site councils and/or district wide Parent Councils.

Elect the Boston School Committee

CPLAN members took part in the historic "Yes on 3" campaign in Boston by informing stakeholders and rallying voters to change the status- quo of having a mayor appointed School Committee since 1991.


& Cherish

Act, and Dyslexia Bill

CPLAN members attended the State House to work with legislators in support of the Promise and Cherish Act along with the Dyslexia bill.

3 Affinity Groups

3 CPLAN Leaders have started their very own Affinity groups.

  • Decoding Dyslexia

  • Autism Sprinter

  • English Language Learners in East Boston

As a response to COVID-19, we worked extra hard in order to meet the essential needs of families. We believe in a whole-child educational experience. In order for our children to achieve self-actualization we must first ensure we meet their psychological, social, health and safety needs.

Here is some of the work we did to centralize resources and information by category for families!

Bag of Groceries

Bodega Project

The CPLAN Bodega Project was created to provide access to culturally responsive food in Boston & Brockton's diverse communities, while also supporting their small local businesses. Selected families receive a CPLAN food voucher to purchase food and/or other essential items such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, medicine, from a local participating Bodega (grocery store) in their neighborhood. 


So far this funding has helped over 600 families (and counting) shop with dignity in a local, familiar grocery store for fresh food!

Our Response to COVID-19

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