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Evaluating Your Child's School

Evaluating your child’s school can be a difficult task, but here are some resources to help.


Every year, all public schools and school districts in Massachusetts are given a report card by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). This is required by the No Child Left Behind Act for all school districts that receive federal funds.


District Report Cards show families how the school is performing overall based on a number of factors, like student achievement, teacher qualifications, student learning opportunities, and more. 


Parents can use this information to help them decide where to send their child to school or to learn more about how the school could be improved.


Community members and educators can use these district report cards to inform their work and better understand the school community’s unique needs.

Scroll to page 2 for a Glossary of Common Terms used in the District Report Card

Evaluating a School

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Department of Education: Choosing a School for Your Child

A workbook with parent tips, information about evaluating schools, and questions to consider about your child's specific learning needs. 

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