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Boston Public Schools

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The Boston Public Schools Transportation system can be challenging to navigate. We have created this guide to help you take the necessary steps to reach the right people and address your concern!

Here are some familiar scenarios we hear from BPS Families:

School Transportation
Common Concerns for Parents
  • Is my child eligible for BPS transportation?
    1.) Be sure to confirm your child is attending a school within their homebase. 2.) Then use the references below to determine if they meet the mileage requirement based on their grade and walking distance. Please note, mileage is based on walking distance between the home address and assigned school.  K - 5th Grade: Must live more than 1 mile 6th Grade: Must live more than 1.5 miles 7- 12th Grade: All students eligible for M7 T Pass For more information, visit the Boston Public Schools Transportation page
  • My child's school bus is not showing up to the designated spot
    Use the “Wheres MySchoolBus” feature via the BPS Transportation website to track your child’s bus. You will need your child's student ID# to track their bus You can get your child’s student ID # by contacting the child’s school or Transportation Department​ If not, you will need your child’s student ID# to track their bus. If this feature is not available, please document this for future reference.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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Important Phone Numbers​

  • Adult Education and Evening High School 617-635-9300

  • Advancement (school and family support) 617-635-7750

  • Advancement (central office) 617-635-9660

  • Alternative Education 617-635-8035

  • Behavioral Health Services 617-635-9676

  • Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) 617-635-9446

  • Communications (media, website, and publications) 617-635-9265

  • Countdown to Kindergarten 617-635-6816

  • Data and Accountability (testing) 617-635-9450

  • Early Childhood Education 617-635-9063

  • Employment Permits, Students 617-635-8030

  • English Learners (EL) 617-635-9435

  • District EL Advisory Committee  617-635-9435

  • Equity (issues of bias and sexual misconduct) 617-635-9650

  • Exam Schools and Advanced Work Class (AWC) 617-635-9512

  • Family Literacy Center 617-635-9300

  • Food and Nutrition Services 617-635-9144

  • Grants and External Funding 617-635-9577

  • Guidance Services 617-635-8030

  • Health and Wellness 617-635-6643

  • Hearings and Appeals (disciplinary issues) 617-635-1577

  • High School Support 617-635-1675

  • Home and Hospital Tutoring 617-635-6633

  • Homeless Students 617-635-8037

  • Human Capital (personnel) 617-635-9600

  • Instructional and Information Technology (OIIT) 617-635-9199

  • Newcomers Assessment and Counseling Center (language testing) 617-635-1565

  • Ombudsperson 617-635-9054

  • Parent University 617-635-7750

  • Re-engagement Center 617-635-2273

  • Safety Services 617-635-8000

  • School Committee 617-635-9014

  • School Health Services 617-635-6788

  • Special Education 617-635-8599

  • Special Education Parent Advisory Council 617-297-7335

  • Student Records (transcripts) 617-635-9037

  • Succeed Boston 617-635-8123

  • Summer School 617-635-9414

  • Superintendent’s Office 617-635-9050

  • Transportation 617-635-9520

  • Welcome Services (Registration and Assignment) 617-635-9046


  • Boston: City Services (9 a.m.–5 p.m.) 

  • Mayor’s 24-Hour Line. 311 | 617-635-4000

  • Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF)  617-635-4920

  • Mayor’s Health Line  800-847-0710

  • Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement  (multilingual) 617-635-2980

  • Mayor’s Youthline 617-635-2240

  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) | 781-338-3000

  • Charter School Information 781-338-3227

Important Phone Numbers

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