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Tayla Andre

Tayla’s Story: In three words, Tayla is fierce, professional, and multi-faceted. When she is not serving as a role model within her community, assisting Boston families with housing as a realtor, or providing thought-provoking and informative programming on her weekday morning show Wake Up with Tayla Andre, Tayla is working to build a more equitable education system—not only for her three children, but all children in Boston.

Tayla views the fight against educational inequality as a long-fought battle; however, she is willing to go the distance to ensure that Boston’s children can get the type of education that they truly deserve. Tayla strongly believes that widespread change is not possible if we are unwilling to engage in uncomfortable conversations around racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequality within education and society as a whole. As a radio personality, she has taken the lead by actively working to create an open dialogue about past inequities as well as long-term solutions to issues that plague urban communities.

Tayla’s advocacy goals and expertise: Tayla is driven by and focused on advancing and advocating for local communities in Boston and around the world.

Areas of Expertise: Parent and Community Organizing, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Motivational Speaking, Urban Housing and Real Estate.

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