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Reshaping Community

The Reshaping Community Wellness pilot is the first of its kind interactive, online training program. It is designed to help Black and Latinx parents, youth members and schools to be equipped with tools needed to infuse mental wellness into their homes, schools, and overall communities.

Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby of New Generation Consultants & Associates offers a workforce development program that trains individuals on how to have mental wellness discussions by pouring into this combined curriculum on the teachings of mental wellness, clinical mental health, mindfulness, embodiment, and healing that replicates their respective holistic approaches to mental wellness and dialogue.

This workshop is focused on helping community members cultivate a broader understanding of mental wellness and the ability to proactively address in their home and communities.

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Reshaping Community Wellness for Parents:
Join us for a 6 week course to learn strategies for promoting mental wellness in your home!

  • Session 1 | Introduction to Mental Wellness

    • Trust and Community Building

  • Session 2: Beyond the Stigma

    • Breaking down myths about mental healthcare

  • Session 3: Beyond the Stigma, Part 2

  • Session 4: Emotional Intelligence Part 1

    • Increasing our knowledge about how to manage our own emotions and how we make others feel.

  • Session 5: Emotional Intelligence Part II

    • Increasing our knowledge about how to manage our own emotions and how we make others feel part II.

  • Session 6: Reimagining our World

    • Understanding Mental Health Resources Available and Shifting the way we think and feel about mental wellness within our homes and those around us.
    • When should you encourage others to seek professional support?

Community Wellness: All Sessions
Community Wellness: All Sessions
Oct 03, 2023, 6:00 PM – Oct 24, 2023, 7:30 PM

Interested in bringing this workshop to your community or school district? Submit a request now!

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Workforce Development  Program for Black/Latinx

Hair Salon & Barber Shop Owners

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