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Griselda Polanco

Education Equity Advocate

Meet Griselda Polanco, a mother, community leader, and one of CPLAN’s education equity advocates. Griselda arrived in Boston from Santo Domingo with a suitcase full of dreams. From the moment she gave birth, her main priority became ensuring that her daughter, Isabela, not only went to school, but also received the best educational opportunities she could. 

Much to Griselda’s surprise, at the age of 7 Isabela was diagnosed with ADHD. This propelled her on a path to education advocacy, as she took it upon herself to learn everything she could about the options that were available and how she could support her daughter’s unique needs. 

 “The power of parents is not only in educating their children but also in educating themselves, only then can we fight for a better education for our children.”

Since starting with CPLAN several years ago, Griselda has been dedicated to sharing her knowledge and empowering other parents to take ownership of their children’s future. 

During the pandemic she served as a facilitator for our Virtual Learning Pod, providing assistance to students however she could–  connecting virtually with their teachers, keeping them focused and motivated, and offering the necessary tools to achieve their best learning. In the afternoons she even taught Zumba classes bringing joy to the children and keeping them disconnected from feeling the aftermath of the pandemic!

Griselda is a driven and passionate activist, caring deeply for the wellbeing of her community. Recently she has taken the lead in marketing and outreach for CPLAN events, using her connections with the community to broaden our reach.

"Schools should be more than just brick buildings" - Griselda Polanco 

Griselda Polanco

Areas of Expertise

Culturally Competent translations, Navigating the School System, Marketing, Social Media


  • NOW National Organization of Women

  • ABCD (Brighton)

  • Cradles to Crayons

  • St Stephen's

  • Roslindale Cares etc.

In Action

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