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Sharita Fauche

Director of Learning Pod

Boston native and proud mother of two, Sharita entered the parent advocacy space as she navigated the terrain to ensure her daughters had the best educational experience. Sharita spent the first few of her formative years as a BPS student before entering and later graduating from METCO program. 


Observation of and experience within various public and private social systems set the course for advocacy and activism to address systemic challenges impacting low income, poorly resourced communities of color. 


Joining the CPLAN team as a parent advocate increased the opportunities and landscape in which Sharita was able to amplify parent voices and activate communities to model the changes desired. 


In addition to the critical work of amplifying parents as partners, Sharita has spent the last two decades working to decrease stigma, increase awareness, and provide support for individuals and families struggling with mental health and substance misuse at local community health centers, and current for the Commonwealth of MA. 


Currently, Sharita is the Director for the Learning Pod/Community Engagement Program. The learning pod was one of the first learning pod’s in the city of Boston to support Boston students of color withing the Metro Boston area during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


She is inspired by the efforts and focus of so many who pushed toward shifting the narrative for thousands of people considered underrepresented and disenfranchised. In her own words “I will continue to push for change as did those who came before me.”

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