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Ann Teng

Education Advocate | Mandarin Interpreter

Ann Teng (she/they) is a Master of Public Policy graduate from UMass Amherst. As a bilingual Taiwanese immigrant with experience in disability allyship, they are passionate about universal design, inclusive classrooms, nonprofit management, and education policy from an international lens. They have over ten years of experience working with children and various social equity nonprofits. Through their interest in research and music, they have also designed and participated in programs that center music therapy as a rehabilitation process for people with disabilities ranging from children to the elderly in habilitation nonprofits, hospitals, and educational institutions in both Taiwan and the States. Currently, they serve as the Board Advisor for the national youth mentorship organization Hearts over Hands (HoH), building a network of stakeholders to review and strengthen HoH’s programs and long-term plans. 

Ann serves to contribute to an inclusive environment where both children and adults realize the full potential of compassion, acceptance, and empathy. As a previous TedxYouth speaker and radio DJ from their years in university, they are also an avid public speaker and enjoy meeting new people and professions. Outside of advocacy, they love to play the cello, knit, and take care of the apartment cat.

Ann Teng

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Management, Information Accessibility, Universal Design, Community Outreach, Teaching ESL, Working with Youth


Board Advisor of Hearts over Hands, ESOL Volunteer at the International Institute of New England

In Action

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