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Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby

Director of Reshaping Mental Community Wellness

Meet Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby

An author, speaker, publisher, mental wellness coach, and licensed mental health professional.

Dr. Crump Swaby is an Associate Professor and Director of the Clinical Mental Health Program at Springfield College, School of Social Work, Department of Counseling. She is the Founder/CEO of New Generation Consultants & Associates, Inc., a consulting, coaching, and counseling practice that focuses on multicultural and trauma-informed treatment and care.  Dr. Crump Swaby works with adults, teens, parents and families looking for satisfaction, balance and growth.  Her expertise in the areas treating trauma, multicultural issues, and parent and family dynamics and her unique blend of therapy and coaching combine to make her a powerful catalyst for change.  Dr. Gayl also focuses on issues relating to women and girls, helping them work from the inside out to attain their life goals.  She has traveled to several countries in Africa and South America, providing training and consultations around trauma.  Dr. Gayl uses a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

"My practice in mental wellness and trauma healing has helped hundreds of individuals win their battles with addiction, depression, self-doubt and anxiety.

As a Black woman, I knew I housed the legacy of all that came before me, and it wasn't until I learned how to release these burdens and was able to discover and conquer other beliefs that I had which then allowed me to overcome the negative repercussions of burdensome beliefs and move toward a life of joy."

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Dr. Gayl Crump Swaby

Areas of Expertise

Community Wellness, Cultural Responsive and Social Emotional Pedagogy Specialist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Generational Trauma


  • Springfield College, School of Social Work, Department of Counseling

  • New Generation Consultants and Associates

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