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Santiago Rivera

Education Equity Advocate

Santiago is an education advocate, community organizer, philanthropist, proud father of two, who is passionate about social justice. He is deeply committed to ensuring that his community members are informed about social issues that impact their quality of life, and ensuring they have a platform to use their voice towards the solutions. Throughout his civic engagement efforts, Santiago has built relationships with a network of community stakeholders, from youth and teachers, to school administrators and the superintendent, all the way to city councilors; allowing him to effect real change in the schools and community.

Leading with his own lived experience and relentless desire to create a better future for all children, Santiago has a deep understanding of what his community needs and is always ready to help develop solutions that help everyone thrive. Santiago has cultivated a well respected following on social media and always uses his platform to increase awareness, share resources, and activate community members to engage on matters that require their voice and contributions. His passion compels him to always connect with other leaders that are ready to roll up their sleeves and get things done!

Santiago Rivera

Areas of Expertise

Civic Engagement, Education Equity, Community Organizing, Community Building, Emotional Intelligence, Opioid Overdose Prevention


Famcosa meetings, MAC meetings, Parent organizing around BPS Transportation Hearings

In Action

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